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“The scope and challenge of meeting the needs of the future Cyber Security workforce is so immense, the pipeline so woefully inadequate; we need a new recruitment method to meet our future needs at scale.”

Philip Niedermair, National Cyber Group CEO

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Since the February 2018 release of the McAfee/ CSIS Report “Economic Impact of Cybercrime, no slowing down” policy makers have assumed the 600 Billion dollar cost and impact of cyber crime globally would be enough to shake up the foundations of our educational and workforce development strategies. The increase of 100 Billion lost in just four years, mirrors the growth in the internets user base.

While we celebrate Marshall Mcluhan’s vision of a Global Village drawing the worlds communication and interactions closer together, how will we address the 33,000 phishing attacks,  4000 incidents of ransomware, with more than 780,000 records alone lost daily to hacking?

Let’s be real… Cyber Crime pays.  Cybercriminals are not worried about being caught, and most of the attacks are coming from countries who themselves have extremely weak cybersecurity.

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NCG recognizes we must develop a National Cyber Education Program to recruit and educate the next generation of Cyber Professionals ready to meet the needs of our Nation.  

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“Our mission is to develop a National Cyber Education Program that inspires students at all education levels, creates awareness of job opportunities, provide students with skills immediately applicable to the cyber workforce, and connects students to careers.”

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